The elderly have been a hot topic in the field of medicine lately due to their increased vulnerability and weakened immune systems when it comes to combating COVID-19. While the emphasis placed on fighting coronavirus among the elderly is much-needed, it dominates the headlines over what would have- before the…

Source: Deccan Herald

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This past week, the big news, apart from the election, is the new COVID-19 vaccine by Pfizer. The vaccine is…

Most children become infected with Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection, or RSV, by the time they are 2 years old according to the CDC. The infection commonly takes place as a “mild, cold-like illness,” with rarer cases leading to more severe illnesses such as bronchiolitis or pneumonia.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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This week, I read an article focused on race and COVID-19…

The following article was written by the Everyday Med team.

Almost all of us have some experience with alternative medicine. Whether it be unwinding at the spa, stretching out on a yoga mat, or trying acupuncture out of curiosity, non-conventional therapies are becoming more and more popular within the Western…

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The following article was written by the Everyday Med Team.

Sports such as football and hockey are growing in popularity among children and adolescents. While enjoyable, there is a growing issue amongst the athletic community: these sports often lead to concussions. …

Source: Elvis Grandic MD

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This week, I read an article on ScienceNews titled Steroids reduce deaths of critically ill COVID-19…

Blood types are much more than a few letters. They serve as clues for geneticists, heart disease risk levels for cardiologists, and crucial samples for pathologists. …

Source: FDA

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This week, I read an article on ScienceNews titled A man in Hong Kong is the first confirmed…

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