Weekly Update: Research During COVID-19

Hi everyone!

A few things I want to talk about in this post include updates on the Everyday Med organization and also some things happening in the world regarding COVID-19 and medicine. I decided in my blog that I wanted to do weekly updates on interesting articles I have read or new information that has come about about COVID or medicine in general!

In terms of the organization, we finally put out our first two articles on our website! They are amazing pieces written, edited, and deigned by our team about COVID-19! Go check them out at https://everydaymed.wixsite.com/everydaymed

As I was looking at some new medical articles to read, be it about COVID or not, I came across one by MedicalNewsToday on research practices during COVID-19 titled Shifting goalposts: Research in the time of the coronavirus by Maria Cohut. Now, this was very interesting to me, being a high school researcher my self, so I decided to take a look. Overall, I found a few pros and cons of COVID affecting research.

Starting with the pros, research, specifically for COVID, is essential now as we need to find more information about the virus itself and vaccines. So many scientists have been dropping their previous work and have begun doing COVID-related research. I think this is actually very helpful as COVID research is what is absolutely needed at the moment. While research in other medical areas or for other medical diseases are still needed and are still going on, COVID-19 research could bring produce some much needed answers to the virus and pandemic that we need at this time. According to the article, due to this research needing to be accurate, researchers are making sure that the information put out is not misleading or filled with poorly done research. This can be useful now and in the future to avoid having false information out in public.

There are a few cons with research during COVID, one of the main ones being that many funds and resources are being used up for all the COVID research. This does affect the research that was dropped so that COVID could be studied. Once people resume their previous research, they may find that they don’t have enough funds or resources to continue, also causing researchers and students to be unable to work in labs and gain experience. During this time, patients in clinical trials are also unable to come to labs or hospitals because of COVID, which stops progress in that area as well.

Personally for me, I know I am not able to continue my research in the lab I was in as I may not be able to go due to COVID restrictions. If COVID still exists once I get to college, I may not be able to get that further experience in a research lab or in clinical studies, which could help further prepare me for my future career in medicine.

This article presented both sides of this issue and also helped me reflect on what these changes in research meant for me in my life. I hadn’t really thought about how COVID would impact research practices, especially in terms of my own research. Overall, this article really helped me understand the future of research due to COVID-19, which could create negative impacts in other research, which also applies to me personally, but also bring positive effects to the COVID situation.

Written by Sreelakshmi Raghav, Founder of Everyday Med



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